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I’m frustrated

Unavailable Status when Available?

Since installing Liveprofile a few days ago, I've noticed that my contacts keep switching to "Unavailable" status when I know they're not. I've had my droidX and my wife's htc Incredible side by side and checked that each status was listed as "Available" on the phone running the app. However when I look on the opposite phone, they're listed as unavailable. For example, my droidX shows it's Liveprofile status as available, but my wife's phone sees my status as unavailable. When this happens I get the messasge " **** is offline, Messages you send will be delivered when **** comes online". Is there a way to correct this and allow messages to be sent?
Both phones are on VZW with full data access enabled. Both have been updated to v 0.0.14a
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