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Photo of Flo Fontanella
in spanish?
Hi: I would like to know if this is available in spanish. Thank you
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Photo of Garry Slocombe
What! No Android
Make an Android version. Disabled people shouldn't be forced to buy expensive hardware to supplement their ability.
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Photo of TherapyT
Locabulary Lite on the IPad 1
Hello! I have a few questions related to using locabulary Lite on the Ipad generation 1. Is there a way to slow the voice down when using...
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Photo of Care
Thank you!!!
I downloaded Locabulary to my IPAD and gave it to my mom. She had a stroke this past winter and can no longer speak. What an awesome ap...
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Photo of Locabulary Team
New Community Support Site
To everyone who uses Locabulary: We are migrating to a new was to keep you involved in the improvements that we are currently working ...
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