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Photo of Tomas Pantucek
Hello, could a Head Up Display be added to the turn by turn navigation?
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Photo of svartbjorn
Support Samsung Gear S smartwatch
Samsung just announced their new SmartWatch Gear S, running Tizen OS. I will definitely buy it. Samsung has several partners signed up to...
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Photo of druki
Batch loging of geocaches
idea from the forum: 1. In the GC Live module from the fieldnote list it should be possible to edit the fieldnote (add "Edit" to the p...
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Photo of Wolfgang Komm
Garmin maps on Locus
Hallo, I own a Garmin Edge for my bike with Garmin Topo maps. And I have Locus Pro on my Galaxy. Are there any plans to show Garmin map...
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Photo of Ivo
How to turn the GPS on?
Sometimes the GPS turns off for no visible reason. How can I turn the GPS on again in the menu? How can I prevent the GPS from turnin...
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