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I’m dissapointed that the iPhone version has omitted many valuable references!

Paris City Guide 2009 for iPhone omits many references of places to visit!

I recently purchased your Paris 2009 guide for the

iPhone. To my dissapointment the iPhone version of

the guide has many valuable tidbits of information

completely omitted! For instance in the 'Nightlife

& The Arts' section in the iPhone after the section

subtitled 'Tickets & Reservations' there are

included NONE of the recommendations--eg. like

'Bastille', 'Champs-Elysees' ... 'Gare

Montparnasse' as are included in pp. 302-303 of the

book version! Neither is all of the information

available in the 'Nearby' feature of the iPhone

version. For instance if I do a search for 'Lido'

cabaret it does not show up at all--neither in the

'Nearby' section nor in the 'Search' section. This

is very valuable fact I would say

these recommendations are one of the primary

features of consulting a Lonely Planet guide. Well

I am leaving for Paris in 4 days without this

valuable info. For the meanwhile can you provide

me--perhaps--a digital download of the book version

so that I can at least have access to it on my

netbook which I plan to take along on the trip.

Better would be if you update your iPhone guide to

have the necessary information. Please help.
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  • Hi Ashish,

    Sorry you have had issues with your Paris City Guide

    In the production of this new product we have come across in-house issues that as yet we are unable to solve such as using all content within the book.

    Where this happens we use other content we have available, and as such not all of the places, sights and activities used in the book are available in the iphone. We instead use places that have latitude and longitude markers so that they can be found on our maps.

    We are constantly working to improve the products we have, and are aiming to improve on this area as soon as possible.

    Could you please email me : so that I can arrange another product to fill in the gaps.


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