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Can't 'Save Changes' - Forbidden . You don't have permission to access...

Hi. For some reason I can no longer save changes to my Low Variables in an EE1 installation. I'm getting the:

You don't have permission to access /system/index.php on this server."

message? All my other modules are working fine? It's an EE1 installation.
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  • Low (Official Rep) May 09, 2012 10:06
    This has to do with a new security measure in PHP 5.3.9+: max_input_vars

    I came across this just yesterday, for a site that had nowhere near the default maximum of 1000 input fields, but it triggered the error nonetheless. In that case, the host whitelisted the site (or changed the setting to a higher number).

    There's not much I can do about it on the LV side of things, although upgrading to 2 will help, since that doesn't put all vars on 1 page and show/hides them with JS, like version 1 does.
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