end_stamp differs from end_date for all day events

I'm trying to use field:end_stamp to pass a timestamp to another addon but it seems that it differs from end_date.

This code for an all day event produces different end dates depending on whether you use end_date or end_stamp.

{exp:low_events:entries entry_id="303"}
{cf_event_date:start_date} - {cf_event_date:end_date}<br>
{cf_event_date:start_date format="%U"} - {cf_event_date:end_date format="%U"}<br>
{cf_event_date:start_stamp} - {cf_event_date:end_stamp}

That outputs
2013-06-26 - 2013-06-28
1372204800 - 1372463940
1372204800 - 1372464000

It seems that end_date is set to 23:59 on the end day but end_stamp is set to 24:00 which makes it show as the next day.

Can the addon be updated so end_stamp is set to the same thing as end_date?
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