Low Events Archive dates multi-language

Hi Low,

I'm working on a multi language site using Transcribe and Low Events.

When using Low Events Archive, how can I translate {month}, without installing ee language packs (I'd prefer to use Language Locales installed on my server)?

I'd like to use the same approach as described in this support article:
Low Event Dates displayed in French or other language?

i.e. parse %U (seconds since the epoch) to exp:datetime_convert.


{exp:low_events:archive channel="events" show_passed="yes"}
{if count == 1}<ul>{/if}
<a href="{exp:transcribe:uri path='events/date/{date_url}'}">
{exp:datetime_convert language="fr_FR" format="%B"}{month format="%U"}{/exp:datetime_convert} {year}
{if count == total_results}</ul>{/if}

Is this possible? I think I need a new variable, which accepts the format parameter.

Many Thanks!

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