MSM and collection issue

I have a MSM site that shares template code and uses low variables to create site specific variables. This MSM site actually stores the all the channels in site1 (each site has a separate channel and a shared channel). But for some reason low search seems to not be working as expected with these variables.

Site A has search/results template:

{exp:low_search:results site="site_1" query="{segment_3}" collection="{var_collections}" loose_ends="yes" search_mode="all" status="not closed" orderby="date" limit="24" disable="categories|member_data"}

<p>{var_collections} - {title} - {low_search_collection_name}<p>


{var_collections} on Site A is a low variable with early parsing:

site B has this in it's search/results template:


{var_collections} on Site B is a low variable with early parsing:

Now when i do a search on Site A it works like expected. It pulls out results from collection posts_site1 and posts_site1site2 but not posts_site2, so makes an output like

posts_site1|posts_site1site2 - EXAMPLE TITLE 1 - posts_site1

posts_site1|posts_site1site2 - EXAMPLE TITLE 2 - posts_site1site2

posts_site1|posts_site1site2 - EXAMPLE TITLE 3 - posts_site1

but on Site B it's pulling in results from posts_site1...

posts_site2|posts_site1site2 - EXAMPLE TITLE 1 - posts_site1 <-- why?

posts_site2|posts_site1site2 - EXAMPLE TITLE 2 - posts_site1site2

posts_site2|posts_site1site2 - EXAMPLE TITLE 4 - posts_site2

In this example the site is showing entries from collection called posts_sites1 even though the low variable doesn't state that?

Any ideas what is going wrong?

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