no results on low events entries tag

I'm fairly confident this isn't user error.

I've got a site that's been using Solspace Calendar but they want something a little simpler and LE does just what we need.

The client's homepage has the ability to show 2 featured events (assigned using status)

I created a field group called Low events and assigned it to a Low events channel. I added 2 entries with a date of tomorrow (4th June) and 20th June and set 1 as 'open' and the other as 'featured'.

I then added low_events:entries tag to the homepage to replace Solspace

{exp:low_events:entries channel="low_events"}


Now - correct me if I'm wrong, but that code should return only the 'open' entry is that correct? If I wanted to show featured then I should add status="featured" as a parameter?

However, neither code block returns any events at all. My no_results conditional shows 'nothing to see'.

Looking at template debugging it does seem to pull the 2 entry ids

(0.169465 / 15.15MB) Calling Class/Method: Low_events/entries
(0.169637 / 15.15MB) -> Class Called: Low_events
(0.172863 / 15.33MB) -> Method Called: entries
(0.172958 / 15.34MB) Low Events: Working date set to 2013-06-03 13:48
(0.172989 / 15.34MB) Low Events: Unit: upcoming
(0.173849 / 15.34MB) Low Events: Setting fixed_order="1499|1500"
(0.173920 / 15.35MB) Low Events: Calling the channel module
(0.177361 / 15.37MB) Returning No Results Content

Where am I going wrong?
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