I’m There must be an easy sollution to this.

Show only one event based on the url_segment

Hi. I have a Event list. If you click on the event date you'll be tacken to a reservation form.

Now the Idea is, that if you are on the form page trough the event link, the date is already chosen for you.

So in the event list I wrote the link like this:

{exp:low_events:entries channel="spieldaten" unit="year" show_passed="no"}
(a href="{path="site/tickets"}/{spieldaten_datum:start_date}"){title}(/*a)

this ads the date from the event to the url string as {segment_3}

Now I want only this specific event to show up in the form. But I can't get the entry to show only one event. It always shows every event.

{exp:low_events:entries channel="spieldaten" show_passed="no"}
{if segment_3}
{exp:low_events:entries channel="spieldaten" unit="{segment_3}"}
{spieldaten_datum:start_date format="%d.%m.%Y - %H:%i"}

This gives out every event. But I need only the event from the url_segment. Somethin like limit="1" for normal entries.

Is this somehow possible?
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