Upgrading EE to EE3 and EE Events Upgrade issue

I'm updating an EE site at the moment. It was running 2.9.2, now running latest EE 3.5.10. I had updated to latest version for EE2 prior to my EE3 upgrade, and put the latest version EE3 into the new addons folder ready for the new version.

When I click "Update to 2.1.0" in my new EE3 control panel, it shows as running 2.1.0 but the "Update to 2.1.0" button is still showing. Will this be an issue? Can I make it go away?

I tried to update to EE2.1.0 on my EE2 version of the site but got an error and realised I'd tried to install EE3 version on EE2, so put the EE2 version back, but don't know if that could have caused an issue?
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