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I’m frustrated

More issues with LO not showing me as available to take chat requests.

I posted yesterday with an issue that I thought I had resolved due to some non-compatibility with mootools and LO. However, today I have noticed that LO is still having issues. Now when an ADMIN has logged into LO, whether it be via IE, FF, or Chrome, they do not appear available for chat and within the ADMIN panel it says the operator is available however it does NOT show them in the list as it should.

I also keep getting this error from time to time:
Error: The connection to ws:// was interrupted while the page was loading.
Source File:
Line: 2

And a new one today:
Error: attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope
Source File:
Line: 2

What is going on here!?

I have removed all scripts from a test page to help eliminate any possible script interference.

If you can help please go to the page in question I am testing on:

Thank you!
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