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I’m stoked

Lullabot's Videos: OFF THE HOOK!

I just got done watching the Views and CCK videos and they are AMAZING!!!! If there are any Views or CCK concepts that you are struggling with (or just Drupal concepts in general!), these videos are a MUST-HAVE!!! I bought them a few months ago, but only watched them recently and man, am I bummed that I waited. ANYONE using Drupal (novice -> advanced) should watch these videos as they make ALOT of the concepts MUCH clearer. I still can't believe how well-done they are. They are hands-down the best drupal resource I've come across since starting in Drupal a little less than a year ago! If you are thinking about developing in Drupal, these vidz will pay for themselves the moment you are finished watching them! I cannot stress how satisfied I am with my purchase!!!!