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XML Search Engine Import?

Is it possible in LunaScape to import/add XML search engine plugins, i.e. from the MyCroft project (

I believe the XML format is universal and should work with IE/Chrome/Safari/other browsers too. Not all search engines' query URLs are as easily copied to the settings dialogue. I tried copying the XML files from my FF profile to LunaScape's folder with no luck.

FF add-on Add to Search Bar is what I normally use. I have quite a few search plugins in the FF profile, but LunaScape doesn't yet support automatic import of FF 4.x and 5.x profiles (and bookmarks/feeds/history are the only things available to import).

If not, this would be a very good thing to implement! (I am not a programmer myself but wonder if someone could make this possible if it isn't already!)
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