(Another case of) M-Track Eight Compatibility Issues

For the past year, I've been running Pro Tools Express (version 10.3.3) with Windows 8.1 64 bit and an M-Track plus interface. For the most part, I've experienced no problems. I recently purchased an M-Track 8 in the hopes of getting some experience recording drums and other multiple-mic instruments. I've registered the product and downloaded all of the necessary drivers, but whenever I try to launch Pro Tools with the M-Track 8 plugged in, the dreaded "ASIO device could not be initialized" prompt appears. The device appears in my device manager and is at least recognized by my computer.

Forums have suggested that it's a compatibility issue with 8.1 or a USB port issue. I've downloaded the suggested alternative drivers (M-Track 1.0.6) and "repaired" any potentially problematic USB ports, and the problem persists. To reiterate, my M-Track Plus works perfectly with my software and my system. The consensus across the forums is that M-Audio is notorious for not providing sufficient drivers to keep up with OS updates, but I have a hard time understanding how two devices from the same manufacturer with essentially the same drivers don't operate the same way with the same OS and software. Would really rather not be sitting on a $400 dud box, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Hello Cooper,

    Thanks for posting!

    This is an odd one. I retested over here (Windows 7) and saw the same; only Pro Tools 10.x would not recognize the M-Track Eight.

    Not only was I able to get it working with other DAWs; I tested on Pro Tools 11 with the same computer and it worked beautifully!

    As a work around I was able to use ASIO4ALL, a free ASIO alternative driver, in Pro Tools 10 to get full functionality. This makes it even odder, as it points to something very specific in Pro Tools which I really haven't seen before.

    In either case, here's a quick walkthrough of ASIO4ALL in Pro Tools:

    1) Download and install ASIO4ALL

    2) Open Pro Tools 10

    3) In the Setup>Playback Engine menu, select ASIO4ALL as your device. Don't be surprised if, throughout this process, Pro Tools asks you to reset or save your session a bunch of times. It needs to do this to reset device drivers.

    4) After returning to Pro Tools (if necessary), go to the Setup>Hardware menu. Click the "Launch Setup App" button.

    5) The ASIO4ALL window should appear listing all your audio device, including the M-Track Eight. To the left of each device is a check box that will light up blue when that device is selected. Make sure only the M-Track Eight is selected here. You'll probably get another prompt to restart/re-save Pro Tools at this point as well.

    6) After Pro Tools re-initializes, go to Setup>Playback Engine to confirm ASIO4ALL is the selected engine.

    7) Go to Setup>I/O

    8) On the Input and Output tabs, click the "Default" button. This will refresh all of the available inputs and outputs from the ASIO device and should show 8in/out.

    9) After this, Pro Tools should be ready to go. Each audio track should show all 8 ins and/or outs.

    Let me know how it goes!
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