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I’m concerned

2x2 knob malfunction?

Hello people:)

When I turn the "direct/USB" knob, it controls the master output. Furthermore, the monitor signal from my guitar (unprocessed and zero latency) comes out the master output. Surely this is not right! It seems like the headphone output is is coming out of the master output.

Please could someone explain this?
I'm running Logic Pro X 10.3 in El Capitan.

Thank you
Viral Seth
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  • Eliza (Official Rep) April 25, 2019 13:44
    Hey viral,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble! Just to clarify, are you turning the USB/Direct Blend knob from Direct to USB? While fully turned to USB, are you only hearing your guitar Input not the computer audio through the Master and Headphone outputs? The Master and Headphone Outputs will send the same audio mix so this is normal.

    Let's try another test. With your Monitor Level all the way down, try sweeping the USB/Direct Blend from Direct to USB while sending signal only from your guitar. Is the Main output level increasing?

    Let me know how it goes!
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