Axiom 49 MKII - Fader limited to 40


Today I started my system and figured that my fader 1 is scaled from 0 to 39 or 40. I tested it in several daws and computers, and double checked the dedicated min/max option on Axiom but it is scaled from 0 to 127 as expected.

The thing is I've had the same problem on my former Novation SL MKII and that's why I changed it. By the time Novation told me to take it to their distributers and since the nearest one was too far from me, I asked some casual resellers to help and they suggested me to clean it's circuits with a contact cleaner. It worked for a tiny while then the problem came back.

Considering I can't send my Axiom to any international distributers, is there anything I can do?
BTW am I doing something that hurts my midi controllers? They're supposed to work with a hub right?

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