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AIR 192|6 drivers for 2X2M

Yeah, I pretty much figured M-Audio has already stopped supporting the 2X2 and 2X2M. However on a clean windows 10 install, Windows's native USB Audio 2.0 drivers work perfect with no clipping or distortion at all.

HOWEVER! The inputs are completely dead and dont work with those drivers, forcing you to install the year old crappy drivers for the 2X2M

But now we have the AIR 192|6 which is the same interface just with added RCA In/outs along with NEW 2019 USB Audio 2.0 drivers!

I manually selected the AIR 192|6 drivers for my 2X2M in windows device manager and now the in&outputs all work with no issues. It even allows you to used Windows's Loudness Maximizer and Bass Boost options(only at 48k/24bit though)

I've been running it for 4 days so far and things have been slickly smooth. I'll update this post in a week or so if that changes
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