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Air Mini 32 cutting out on Pro Tools.

My Air Mini 32 cuts out after a few seconds when using pro tools first. It comes back after a few seconds and keeps cutting out every few key presses. It sometimes sustains the not as well instead of cutting out, I have tried it with ableton and it works fine so I'm fairly sure the problem is something I've done but I can't work out what. Any help appreciated greatly.
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  • Hey mambostaggie,

    Thanks for posting!

    If the Axiom is working correctly with Ableton Live, we know it is functional and sending data to your computer correctly so that's a good thing! What you're experiencing sounds like it is relative to the Pro Tools software in some way.

    Since you are experiencing drop outs in audio, try adjusting the audio buffer value in Pro Tools until performance improves. I would recommend increasing the buffer in this case as doing so will allow your computer more time to process audio. Increase this value incrementally as increasing it too much can introduce latency (a delay) into your signal. Buffer settings will vary from computer to computer but the ideal setting for your machine will provide clear playback with the least possible latency.

    I hope that helps you!
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