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Airdrums not playing in Arsenal on Mac os10.11

After loading my AirDrum vst is partially working with my Arsenal setup on my Trigger Finger Pro. My Trigger Finger Pro and Airdrums are passing midi data but no sound. Meanwhile, my Hybrid 3.0 vst's work just fine.
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  • Hey Victor,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! AIR Drums can be used with Arsenal on OS X 10.11.x so you might just need to reconfigure the plugin content so Arsenal knows where to look for the drum sample files.

    First, select a preset in AIR Drums at the right side of Arsenal. Selecting Learn will show you the audio waveform of the currently selected sample when the Sample A or Sample B tab is selected. If you see the waveform for the samples in the Learn menu, Arsenal should be playing that audio when you push the corresponding pad on the TFP.

    To check the location of the AIR Drums sample content, from the Learn menu, select the Setup tab and verify the Content Folder location like in the image below:

    The file pathway for the content on the computer I am using is:
    [Hard Drive] > Applications > AIR Music Technology > AIRDrums > Data Files

    Verify that the .big files are located in the directory on your computer in which Arsenal is directed to search.

    If you do see the content in this location and you are still having some difficulty playing back audio, I would recommend deleting and reinstalling the content and verifying that it ends up in the right directory and Arsenal is looking for it in that directory.

    I hope that helps you!
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  • i'm having the same problem as Victor and that solution didn't help...
    so this triggerfinger is a waste of money if i can't use it in logic.
    why is hybride working and airdrums not? the support of M-audio is not what i'be aspected from such a company. nice promo but the buyer is standing in the cold...
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