Akai MPK mini 2 can't be installed by Windows 7

I saw there was a similar thread here but the dropbox links are no longer working.

I have a macbook bootcamp for windows 7.
When i plug in my mpk mini2 it says

"Device Driver software was not successfully installed"
MPKmini2 ----------------------------No Drivers found
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting.

    I had to remove those links at the request of Microsoft. :(

    I think it was touched on it that thread, but to summarize, any class-compliant device like the MPK mini MKII uses Microsoft drivers built into Windows. One of the problems with bootcamp and any emulated operating systems is they might be missing some of these basic system components and some devices just won't be detected.

    Basically Windows is telling you that it can't install it's own drivers!

    You can try the steps in this article below:


    You can also confirm that the MPK mini MKII works with your Mac OS. Just test with MIDI Monitor:

    Mac: MIDI Monitor

    Open MIDI Monitor with all other programs closed. In the "Sources" section, check the boxes for your controller's ports.
    Now MIDI Monitor will list all incoming MIDI Messages. This will help confirm if the controller itself is responding properly.

    If it works, then you know that either the way bootcamp works or perhaps your Windows installation in general is incomplete.

    Hope this helps!
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  • I’m happy
    Thanks i just reformatted my laptop with another windows version that i purchased so now everything works. Thanks for your help!
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