All installed as "USB audio device"

Hello and Happy New Year!

I'm a happy owner of a:
- Keystation pro 88
- Trigger Finger pro
- Usb Uno Midi port.

on a PC with Windows XP.

Everything worked quite well together until last thursday when the computer started recognizing all the equipement as "USB audio device".

I was given as a piece of advise to clean the USB registry base with specific softwares. (usboblivion, usb scrubs...) then reconnect my devices.
But anyway,, when switched on, the device appears by its name but after a few second as "USB audio Device".
According to the cleaning USB software, ut seems that the device is registered twice: as "USB complex device" and then "USB audio device."

How to have all my equipement recognized again ? Cleaning deeper the Registry Base ? How to ?
Thanks in advance

PS: (TFP was always known as "USB audio Device")

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