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ASAP, Please Fix Trigger Finger Pro, AirDrums+Hybrid Simultaneous Integration

Greetings, inMusicBrands M-Audio!
Trigger Finger PRO is in urgent need for a long-overdue firmware update to fix some strange and often, frustrating oddities.

One most particularly, is that it seems *impossible* to have AirDrums and Hybrid running simultaneously, on any 2 concurrently loaded Banks (for example, Airdrums on Bank A with Hybrid on bank B -- now if I'm wrong, correct me).

In the meantime, please provide for us, through your expert Forum. Moderator(s), a useful workaround to get this needed functionality to work now? What a frustratingly discouraging handicap we've got to contend with, even after all these many months!

Please, inMusic M-Audio, step up to the quality-improvement plate?
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting!

    Unfortunately, Hybrid and AIRdrums cannot be run on banks next to each other. if you tried to load Hybrid on Bank B,C,D it would just replace whichever instrument you had loaded on Bank A. You can however load some additional sounds to later banks by selecting your bank and clicking on the paper icon in your preset window. It's described a little further in this post:


    The work around for this is to open a few instances of Arsenal in your DAW and load different instruments/patches/presets to each one and switch between the Arsenal plugins.

    That being said, a multi-instrument type feature could be beneficial to certain workflows, especially any live scenarios. I will be to pass your notes along to the team!
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