Audiophile USB giving distorted audio via monitors and no audio via headphones.

I have an Audiophile USB and have been using it with a set of bx5a monitors. Current OS is XP sp3. Everything has worked perfectly for years until just recently after a house move. I hooked everything back up and now I'm only getting a very low distorted sound from the monitors now. Its distorted but very faint. Also no sound is coming out of the head phone jack at all. Again everything has worked perfectly until this last couple days after only moving into another house. I tested the interface on a win7 machine also and got the same result. I was thinking it was an issue with 1/4 cables at first but if it was, I should still be able to hear sound from the headphone jack and I'm not. Not sure if this is a driver issue or a hardware issue with the interface. I do have the most up to date drivers from the website.
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