AV 40 has muted volume from left side channel

Here is a problem and a solution. My AV-40 speakers lost almost all sound from the left side channel. After some digging I found a post on here about the AV-30 speakers and replacing some capacitors to fix the problem. On the AV-40 the problem capacitors are in a different location on the board. The capacitor that I replaced is location C13 and is a 22 uf 25v capacitor. You can get a bag of 50 on Amazon for like $5. I replaced some of the 22uf capacitors on the edge of the board first, and that didn't fix the problem. I dove a little deeper and replacing the C13 cap did the trick. The C13 cap is in line with the biggest caps on the board, right in the center. Best if viewed and replaced from the top of the speaker. It is a little hard to get to, but use a pair of needle nose pliers and you can grab it and desolder it, and pop a new one in.

The process is simple, unscrew the back of the left side speaker, slide it out, but leave all wires connected (inside the speaker, unplug from the wall of course). Replace the cap, screw back together, and back in business. Hope this helps someone.
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