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I’m frustrated.

Axiom 25 MK1 - Data 1 Key doesn't work?

After owning an Axiom 49 for years, I talked my buddy into getting an Axiom 25 for his bedroom studio so he could use the pressure pads to program drum parts. I was helping him set it up but have run into a strange problem.

I found the directions for setting the pads to midi notes; Hit the pad you want to change, press advanced button, press Data 1 key, assign note number, hit enter. I got it to work. At some point the Axiom got restarted and none of the settings were saved, which was highly annoying. When I went to repeat the process and re-assign them, nothing would happen when i pressed Data 1. If I pressed Data 2 or Data 3 they worked and pulled up the parameters they are supposed to adjust, but pressing Data 1 does nothing.

WHY!? And why didn't it save the settings in the first place? I've only found two other message board threads about this Data 1 problem, and they're from years ago with no replies to them. Very frustrating. Please help.
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