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Axiom 49 | Mac 10.13.3 | Keyboard not mapping? Keystroke error sound all buttons

Currently I'm hoping to connect a old Axiom 49 (probably MK1 possibly MK2) to a Mac running 10.13.3 (I appreciate this is legacy equipment but I'm trying to get it running for the young fella and am hoping someone will be kind enough to help him get it up and running).

I'm fairly sure this was a compatible setup (from memory it just plugged and played?) but something looks to have changed or I'm just doing something wrong.

Before stressing about other software I have been trying to get it working with the basic mac MIDI setup.

The device shows up in the Audio MIDI setup --> MIDI studio but doesn't look to be key mapping correctly(?). I receive a single error tone when any key is pressed which makes me think its a mapping issue (not that I have failed to install something critical? or its a driver issue).
I believe(?) I didn't need any extra hardware and the basics would work with the internal sound card, I think (?) it use do a basic map as a keyboard without any extra software.

I have had a quick play with the M-Audio Enigma (1.2.2) Software (after a bit of reading this seemed like it might be the answer) but this looks to be a loader (?) not a driver setup.

I hoping someone might be able to help point me in the right direction, or give some solid reason why this is not (no longer) possible.
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  • Hey Bryn,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. The Axiom is a class-compliant device, meaning it does not require drivers to connect with your computer. Instead, it will operate off of your Mac's core MIDI drivers. If the Axiom is showing up in MIDI Studio, then it is fully connected to your computer.

    The Enigma Software is used to load different preset configurations to the hardware. This is used to map the controller to specific DAWs. Since the Axiom is being recognized, the next step is to launch the Software. Do you know which DAW (recording software) he wants to use?

    Without opening a DAW and using the Axiom, we can't tell if the controller is appropriately mapped.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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    Hi Eliza,
    Thanks for the note, ok sound like this setup should work and I just had nothing processing the midi inputs.
    I have since discovered that if I launch Garage Band, the keyboard maps to piano thus I can test the controller as a keyboard and see that the basic keys do seem to work (I couldn't determine this from the Audio MIDI Setup). All the Drum pads, buttons & sliders didn't seem to work (but presumably this is just a setup issue, I didn't play with it two long. )
    Sounds like my issue is just software (not hardware) and the right DAW and setup should be able to fix it.
    I was thinking about spinning up Audour & a few synth plug-ins to start with let him go wild with that for a bit, work out the software and progress from there.
    Thanks again for the tips.
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