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Axiom Air 32Mini - MIDI data recognising issues - hardware or software - can you solve this?!

I have just bought a new Axiom Air 32Mini. It's meant to be plug and play, but when I plug it into my MacBook Air, it's not working on any DAW.

I've got the keyboard recognised in Audio MIDI Setup, and then was checking MIDI monitor. In MIDI monitor, no data comes through. So initially I thought it's an issue with the keyboard hardware.

HOWEVER, I've since plugged it into a friend's Mac computer and the keyboard not only sends data in the MIDI monitor installed there, but works in Ableton.

So is there a driver missing on my laptop? What's even more bizarre, is that my laptop has successfully used M-Audio keyboards in the past without any of these issues.
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  • Hey Pierre,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble! The Axiom is class compliant and will operate off of your computer's core MIDI driver. From your testing, we can verify that it is not an issue with the Axiom or the USB cable. It seems that there may be a problem with your Mac's USB port, though. Have you tried connecting the controller to different ports on your Mac? Are you using an adapter/USB hub or connecting directly to your computer?

    Let me know!
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