I’m frustrated

Axiom Air 61 Does not work with Windows 10

The system is a windows 10 system with Intel I7 chip, Z170X chipset, and 64 gbs of ram. I run Protools 12.5 and the system works perfectly. All drivers and system utilities are up to date.
I do understand that the Axiom Air61 Keyboard Controller is supposed to be code compliant and not require a driver, however the unit does not work and device manager sees the unit but presents a yellow triangle error (code 28, drivers for this device are not installed).
I did the quick test and unplugged the unit and it disappeared from device manager.
I plugged the unit back in and device manager then sees the Axiom Air 61 but it shows the yellow triangle driver issue.
If anyone knows how to solve this issue I would appreciate assistance.
I tried to submit a support request to MAudio but as of yet I have not received a response. There are no drivers available on the MAudio website for the Axiom Air 61 either.
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