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I’m frustrated

Axiom Air Mini 32 pad's velocity, FIRMWARE UPDATE? (2018)


I've read in several threads about this problem with pad's velocity in Axiom Air Mini 32. After reading some ambiguous answers, at the end of almost eache one (since 3 years ago) was something like... "I am happy to add a feature request for you and maybe this can be added with a firmware update."

So, after this 3 years and a lot of this same topic questions asked, is there any firmware update to adjust pad's velocity?

It's so frustrating to see the same questions answered here and after so much time the problem persists with the same exact issues...

On a side note, I tried to get support from your main web page but I didn't receive any support code in my e-mail (I checked junk email too). There's also a bunch of questions about this topic..

Hope you finally could help so much people, I'm about to return this product because of this matter..

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