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I’m currently frustrated

Beginner: How to install/use Ableton Live Lite

Hi guys,

I am a beginner concerning software and I would looove to have some help.
- My Oxygen 61 MK4 came with Ableton Live Lite. Where do I find information on how to install and use Abelton Live Lite? I kind of read everywhere that it came with it but I am stuck. This makes me feel frustrated. Am I just not seeing the forest for the trees?
- What tutorials do you suggest for me as a beginner to start and later go on with? I use sounds from Omnisphere and Keyscape (both currently stand-alone versions) and in the long run I really look forward to record instruments and voices (I am using Komplete Audio 6 as interface).

Thanks in advance for your kind help!
Greetings from Germany
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