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Beginner needing help to record dual audio simultaneously through M-TRACK.

Hi recently purchased a M-AUDIO M-TRACK. Don't know too much about audio recording but me and my friend are looking at creating a podcast. I have managed to get everything working but my problem is i can't figure out how to record audio from both microphones at the same time. Could someone shed some light or please point me in the right direction to some literature for beginners?

P.S Sorry, forgot to mention i am using the software that came with this product (Ignite) (i have mac and pc) to record the audio.
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  • Hello Peter,

    Thanks for posting. Happy to help!

    The Ignite software follows a very simplified approach when it comes to recording audio. You can record a single mono audio input, or a stereo audio input (which would be M-Track inputs 1 and 2 at the same time).

    This is selectable in the "Audio Setup" menu, right next to where you select the M-Track as your input/output sound card. Near the bottom left corner is an "Input" selection, Mono or Stereo. The only trouble I anticipate here is that mic 1 will be in the left channel, and mic 2 in the right (because Ignite is anticipating a stereo signal). So your voices would be "split", at least if you're recording live in a radio format.
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