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Bug in Enigma v1.2 with O2 controller

There appears to be a bug, either in Enigma v1.2 (PC version), or in the O2 midi controller itself:

1) Any value entered in the "Global Channel" field under "Extra Variables" in the Enigma editor does *not* affect the global channel of the preset being edited.

2) Instead, the value entered in the "Octave" field determines the global channel.

3) The validation of the octave field does not allow a value greater than 5, so it does not appear possible to set the channel to 6 for example. (Although setting the octave to "-1" results in a global channel of "c55" on the O2, which ends up actually transmitting on midi channel 15).

Can anyone else confirm this problem?

As an aside: the validation on the global channel field in Enigma restricts the value to between 1 and 16, so how could one assign a channel value of zero (omni) if this bug wasn't present? At the moment, setting the Octave to zero results in channel c00 on the O2.
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