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I’m confused

Cakewalk Sonar Pro 7 stopped recording with M-Audio 410

Hello everyone! I've been working on a track and had no problem recording in it until recently. When I go back into the song and ARM a track to record, nothing is happening. I can see that the track is armed to receive the audio from the microphone, I've selected the input (Left 410 1/2) pressed record and start recording but nothing is happening. When I open a new project it records without a problem. But when I go back into a pre-exsisting project it will not recording. I've increased the Audio Options-Advanced- Playback I/O Buffer Size (KB) to 1024 and the Record I/O Buffer Size (KB) to 1024 but I'm still not able to record. Does any one have a similar problem with a solution? Please help! Thanks!
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