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Can I use enigma with Axiom 49 mk2?

I'd like to be able to change/save and upload/download my patch settings (knobs, sliders, buttons, pads) to the computer. Can I do this with the Enigma software like it was used for the Axiom 49 mk1?
I have the Enigma software installed on Windows 7 but can't seem to connect to the keyboard to retrieve any data.
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  • Hey Tim,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Enigma software is used to edit parameters on older legacy hardware like the original Axioms and Oxygens but it is not used to edit the second generation Axiom controllers.

    The second generation Axiom controllers can be edited directly on the hardware. Chapters 4 and 5 of the user guide will show you how you can perform functions and reassign controllers on the board. You can download the Axiom (2nd gen) user guide from the following link under the Legacy series:

    M-Audio - Documentation Search

    I hope that helps!
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