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Code 61 - Mackie faders controlling VST in Studio One 3

Hey guys. I have stumbled upon an issue today while using my Code 61 pairing up with studio One 3.
I have gone to use fader controls while in Mackie mode and instead of controlling the channels main volume fader as it usually does it began controlling various parameters of the synth i was using.
I have gone to the edit window of the mackie device (on studio one) to see if i can change it around but it looks locked up tight.
So iv gone to completely re-set it up by; turning Code 61 off and on, then switched to mackie on the console. Removed both the midi controller device and the mackie device paired with the code 61 midi3 on studio one. then added both back using the setup provided on Maudio.com. Still this problem continues.

if anyone can help out you will be a life savior as i desperately want my multi-channel control back. thank you
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  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for posting!

    Make sure that you hit each of the "Mode" buttons (fader, encoder, button) on the Code until they are green to put the parameters themselves into Mackie mode. In MIDI mode (red), the parameters are mapped to functions in Loom and Hybrid depending on the preset that you're using, so that may be what's happening.

    Let me know if this helps!
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    • Keep in mind that each parameter set needs to be in "Green mode." So for example the "fader mode" button needs to be green for the faders to be in Mackie mode. I notice that some users only press the Button Mode button, but this only puts the buttons in Mackie mode. Can you verify this for me?

      When the faders are in Mackie mode, they will send pitch bend data. That's how the mackie protocol operates. SO, if the fader mode button is green and the faders are somehow still moving parameters in your plugin like they were sending CC data, than something may be wrong. An easy way to test this would be to close Studio One, open a MIDI monitor and see what the faders are sending:

      Using a MIDI Monitor to test your device

      Let me know how this goes!
    • hi, thankyou corey. Two days ago i switched my code back on and reset it to default. for some unknown reason my faders are finely following mackie controls! thanks heaps for getting back to me!
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