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can't get sequences to line up time wise in reaper

Hi. I love the trp. One thing I wish could be added is the ability to build song parts into a song by arranging different sequences. To do this I tried recording each sequence individually (9 since I needed to do a new sequence for a crash or fill for a simple 3 part song) into reaper. The plan was then to copy and paste into a fully arranged sequenced drum track onto another track. This is after trying to load the parts into mega baby and having a fail. I set the clock to external on tfp, and then hit record in reaper to get midi clocks in sink. Here is the problem some parts record on the beat and some in the cut and past have a slight delay in the trasition. I do not know if it is a tfp issue or a reaper problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Hey adam,

    Thanks for posting!

    You're correct - in order to synchronize the TFP's sequencer to REAPER's clock, set the TFP's clock to external. After you do that, it should be a matter of loading the sequence on the TFP that you want to record, putting the playhead in REAPER at the beginning of the timeline so all the sequences line up at the beginning, and selecting record and play in REAPER. The TFP will receive the play message and REAPER will record the incoming MIDI data that the TFP is now sending.

    In the images below, you will see sequences that I have recorded with a TFP into REAPER as well as the settings that I used in REAPER's preferences. Note that REAPER is configured to send clock to the TFP:

    As you can see, my sequence data is also not aligned.

    Using the same sequence in the TFP, I recorded into Ableton Live:

    This sequence is much tighter than the sequence I recorded in REAPER. It looks like the clock that REAPER is sending is causing this misalignment.

    I would recommend that you record your sequence data into REAPER and use its quantization function to get your MIDI events on beat. This thread will help you do that:

    How to quantize in Reaper

    I hope this helps you! Let me know if you have any questions.
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