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I’m frustrated

Can't get the controlling knobs on M-Audio Code 49 Midi Keyboard to map properly!

Whenever I try to assign any of the midi controlling knobs on the Code 49 to any parameter in my DAW (Cubase), I encounter several problems. It is far from simple to assign these knobs to parameters that enable the manipulation of sound.

A problem I often have is that when I assign a knob to one parameter, for example the cutoff of a synth, another parameter somehow becomes assigned too and they both move simultaneously!!

The most annoying problem is that when I turn the assigned knobs, it does not increase/decrease the parameter smoothly as you'd expect, but instead the automation dramatically jumps from the highest to the lowest. There is no in between or gradual journey from end to the other!

I will be thankful for anyone that could shed some light on this. Thought I would post on here before I end up buying a new midi controller with knobs that actually work! THanks! :)
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