I’m a bit confused

Cant install airdrums expansion packs for TFP?

Can anyone shed some light on the issue im having with installing the anomally pack and others for the TFP. I can post the log but not sure if the forum allows such long posts of text.

"required certificate is not within its validity" first time ive seen this error pop up. tho i have a new laptop and previously installed the expansions on my older desktop pc
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    Please set the date of your Pc to 2015 and install.
    After installation set it back correctly and that's it.

    The installers are bad and they should be updated by M-audio.

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    • Thanks for catching this one!

      @TFP Noob, I'm already on top of it!


      Don't worry, we've passed it on to our team already ;) I'll be sure to let everyone know if I hear anything back about updates.
    • Hi, I'm running a late 2009 Mac Pro with OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5 and I'm having an issue with the installation of Anomaly Expansion Pack 1, Prime Loops Expansion Pack 1, and Toolroom Expansion Pack 1. The .dmg files are sitting on my desktop but for some reason does not show up in Arsenal after unpacking the file. I've already checked in my settings to see if they're sitting in my library where everything else is and it isn't. What steps am I missing?
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