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Change color of the pads when launching clips in Ableton?

I really felt sad when I noticed that I cant make my Code 49 change colors when I used "drumrack" plugin in Ableton. :(

So I have decided to talk about that issue. Why is that? We have midi out, can we send some CC message to change color when clip/sample is used in on that pad?

I have native knowledge about MIDI CC messages, but I think changing lights wont be in the list of "basic" messages, so developing some "Bridge Tool" would be a good idea?
For example, we have MIDI IN that will go to Ableton Live directly. But for MIDI OUT we can make this route Ableton Live>BridgeTool>Keyboard
Also we would need to setup Ableton Live to have "Bridge Tool" as MIDI OUT, and bridge tool to keyboard itself.

I know that I can make my Pads to latching mode and that will help a bit, but I would like if I could make Ableton Live to communicate better with the keyboard itself. Especially when we are using clips in Ableton. Let me know if this would be possible in future firmware updates?
I think we are wasting those gorgeous colored pads without having this control.

If we want stop all clips, latching mode wont help.

And I have one more idea for you, could your next update make each bank of 16 pads different color? To explain better, if we are on PAD OCTAVE 1 we have one set of colors and going back to PAD OCTAVE 0 will change colors to something else predefined. I know there would be overlapping of 4 notes, but I think this would help when you are on stage and have different octaves mapped to different things.
Also this function could be added in "Bridge Tool" I was talking about earlier, I think it would be little bit faster.

Thanks for your time and I guess you will understand this as I'm not native English speaker. :)

P.S. If you need someone to design look for the "Bridge Tool" app, I'm here to help.
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