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Changelog firmware (Code series)

Hi, is there any changelog available for the Code Series (Code 61) firmware update Thanks.
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  • Hey synthist75,

    Thanks for posting!

    There is! The full release note history for firmware updates can be found as a .pdf that comes along with the updater app. Here are the notes for this release:


    • Fixed issue where pressing Alt+F4 would not close updater window.

    • Fixed issue where assigning buttons to Note, Momentary or Omni Channel
      caused button to send only Key Aftertouch and Note Off messages.

    • Fixed display issue where Pad Velocity was not shown.

    • Fixed X-Y pad issue where Note Mode on/off was sent in reverse via MIDI DIN.

    You can download the full release notes along with the updater app for your OS at the link below:

    M-Audio Code 61 - 1.3.0 (FW v1.0.4.4) - Windows

    M-Audio Code 61 - 1.3.0 (FW v1.0.4.4) - Mac

    I hope that helps!
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