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Code 25 & Ableton Live Keystroke Setup Issues

I'm trying to setup Ableton Live to respond to the keystoke buttons of the Code25 but when I follow the instructions from the user manual (page 56) the keystrokes are controlling my OS X system and Ableton is not responding to them.

For instance, I setup a tab keystroke and it tabs my different OS X screens and it doesn't tab between the session and arrange view like its supposed in Ableton.

How do I set this up correctly?
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting!

    With each button you are mapping its important that you address both Data 1 and 2; 2 being the modifier, for situations that require hold shift, ctrl, cmd, etc.

    In this case though, tab doesn't require a modifier. So after setting Data 1 to tab, make sure to hit Data 2 and set that to "Off." Otherwise, it will act is if you are holding Command and will tab through your open programs.

    Hope this helps!
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