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Code 25 and Protools 11.3.1

I am unable to get Protools 11.3.1 to work with the code 25 controller that I received yesterday. I am running OSX 10.9.5. I configure through setup-peripherals-midi controllers. I add a HUI device and pick the Code25, Mackie/HUI for both input and output. The only option available for the channel is 8 so I just left it like it is. I have also ensured that Options-MIDI-Input Devices has a check box next to all of the Code25 options checked. I am connecting through the supplied USB port. The device is recognized and visible through the Audio Midi setup utility. I have tried to select all of the other options for the Code25 in the setup-peripherals drop downs as well but nothing seems to work. I continue to get the error message from protools, "Pro Tools is unable to communicate with HUI. Power-cycle HUI and check its connections Note, if HUI is not in use, update the Peripherals dialog to prevent further warnings." I am also not able to get the keyboard to function as a simple midi controller for a instrument either.
I am attaching a number of screen shots of the current configuration. Any help is much appreciated.
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