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I’m frustrated

code 25 black why are there no control labels above the keys?

Hello, I am the owner of the code 25 black, and I have a question, why on the black version there are no inscriptions of control functions over the keys?Why?((((((((((((?it's a failure,I'm very upset
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  • Hey Виктор Мур,

    Thanks for posting!

    The black Code series was not designed with the command labels but you can refer to page 37 of the Code user guide for the commands. All commands are located on the leftmost 25 keys of your Code keyboard.

    You can also use the Code's software editor to easily program presets and send them to the hardware. Aside from seeing all parameters easily laid out for you, the added benefit to working with the editor is that you can save preset files on your computer so once the preset is built, you will always have a backup. You can download the editor and all available software for the Code series from the following link:

    M-Audio Drivers & Software Updates Search

    I hope that helps you!
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