I’m sad

Code 49 - Change color of the pads when launching clips in Ableton?

I really felt sad when I noticed that I cant make my Code 49 change colors when I used "drumrack" plugin in Ableton. :(

So I have decided to talk about that issue. Why is that? We have midi out, can we send some CC message to change color when clip/sample is used in on that pad?

I have native knowledge about MIDI CC messages, but I think changing lights wont be in the list of "basic" messages, so developing some "Bridge Tool" would be a good idea?
For example, we have MIDI IN that will go to Ableton Live directly. But for MIDI OUT we can make this route Ableton Live>BridgeTool>Keyboard
Also we would need to setup Ableton Live to have "Bridge Tool" as MIDI OUT, and bridge tool to keyboard itself.

I know that I can make my Pads to latching mode and that will help a bit, but I would like if I could make Ableton Live to communicate better with the keyboard itself. Especially when we are using clips in Ableton. Let me know if this would be possible in future firmware updates?
I think we are wasting those gorgeous colored pads without having this control.

If we want stop all clips, latching mode wont help.

And I have one more idea for you, could your next update make each bank of 16 pads different color? To explain better, if we are on PAD OCTAVE 1 we have one set of colors and going back to PAD OCTAVE 0 will change colors to something else predefined. I know there would be overlapping of 4 notes, but I think this would help when you are on stage and have different octaves mapped to different things.
Also this function could be added in "Bridge Tool" I was talking about earlier, I think it would be little bit faster.

Thanks for your time and I guess you will understand this as I'm not native English speaker. :)

P.S. If you need someone to design look for the "Bridge Tool" app, I'm here to help.
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  • Corey S (Official Rep) March 09, 2016 16:20
    HI F8,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Code just wasn't developed with that sort of tight integration with Ableton in mind, like say an APC40 or a Push controller.

    But that being said, I'll be happy to submit these as a feature request for you :)

    I do like the idea about shifting octaves and colors at the same time. This would definitely be a cool idea and would help keep track of your octaves, especially because you're dealing with two at once.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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  • I’m hopeful
    Hey Corey S,

    Thanks for the reply and I'm happy that you will submit these ideas to your developing team. :)

    Yes I know it's not intended, but I think this would be possible with application I have mentioned. I know this might be too much work but with this option in mind everyone would like to have one CODE at home studio.

    Regarding different color on the pads for each different octave, I believe that would be actually cool feature too.

    I have looked somewhere on the forum that MIDI IN/OUT 4 Port could potentially be used as a firmware/software update port, could you be kind to give me some guidelines and resources for me to try to send actual data to change specific color on the pad?

    One more thing I had in mind, but I guess that will fall into category that CODE just isn't developed to have that integration with Ableton.
    We have momentary buttons that glow with 100% brightness by default, what if you could connect it with Ableton for example and when in MACKIE mode they would glow (100% brightness) when dB meter is way up and became dimmed (0% brightness) when dB meter is way down.
    I think that could be done for all other glowing LED-s, including pads and maybe zone buttons when you are using that specific zone.
    Hope that makes sense?

    By the way, I'm really excited about new update and also that M-Audio staff is working with their customers to make better product in the end! :)
    • Corey S (Official Rep) March 10, 2016 14:37
      Hi F8,

      Using the buttons and lights as channel level meters may be a bit over the top, but it would definitely look pretty cool! I'll submit that one for you too :)

      As far as MIDIIN4, that currently doesn't have a function, which is normal. Plenty of keyboards have additional virtual ports that will never get used. I'm not sure who said it has anything to do with the lights on the Code, but I can confirm that it won't do anything if you sent MIDI to it.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!
    • That was just an idea I had in mind, if someone from your team would like to give it a try that would be cool, if not no problem. :)
      I'm primarily more interested with Ableton-Code cooperation if that's something possible.

      But if I wanted to make small program that will change my led lights whenever my code hasn't been used for more than 15 secs, what I should look into? As you said port No.4 is not right choice, what then?

      Thanks Corey! Sorry about my English once more. :)
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  • I’m sad
    yes yes, I just today got this gorgeous looking and great keyboard ad this was one of main reasons when I was getting it. I really thought that the button colour and on/off controll would be possible from Ableton, but this is such a disappointment :((((

    Before buying it, I checked out all the reviews on youtube, and there are so many cool things so I assumed that the "Ableton talking to the controller" feature must be there.
    That is really strange that midi controller in 2016 is deaf.
    What I understand so far is that the controller can talk to Ableton but cant hear what ableton is saying?
    For me the main need is that I could arm midi track and see a button colour change, so I dont need to checkin computer screen which track is armed.

    With buying this i felt like I shot bullseye, but if this feature is nonexisting then this is just another keyboard in the pile :(
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  • 1
    Is there any updates on the "ableton talking to the controller"-feature?

    Could it be done with a firmware update, or should I buy or diffrent controller?
    • Hi,

      No, this has not been implemented. While this is a great idea and we very much appreciate the feedback from users, good or bad, it's not guaranteed that every feature request will be added.

      If I can make a suggestion, you would be far better off obtaining an Ableton specific clip launch controller like an APC or a Push. It's all about selecting the best tool for the job and even with a feature like this, I don't believe the Code would compare to the control and versatility of a clip launch controller.
    • So the hardware is limited?
      It's not a "easy" firmware fix... ?
      To bad! I like the codes visual design and it would have been the ultimate midi controller.

      I really hope this light-control-feature could be implemented in the future!
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