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I’m frustrated

Code 49 Drum Pads not making sound in Mainstage - HELP!

I recently bought a Code 49 keyboard controller to use both for production and for performing live. I have been able to separate the keyboard and the drum pads on Logic Pro, by indicating that I want my drums to play through MIDI Channel 10 and my keyboard to play through MIDI Channel 1. However, I have not been able to do this on Mainstage 3, which is what I use when performing. No matter what I try, I cannot get the drum pads to actually play drum sounds!! I am getting very frustrated because I cannot find any help online.

I have assigned all of the pads, faders, knobs, and the keys and Mainstage is receiving the MIDI information when I play. I set the drum pads to Channel 10 and the keys to Channel 1, which corresponds with the settings I have on my Code49 preset.

The options I have for MIDI ports are:
USB MIDI Code 49
MIDI DIN Code 49
Mackie/HUI Code 49
Editor Code 49

However, if I choose anything other than the first option, once I try to "learn" the keys or pads, it will automatically switch the port back to "USB MIDI Code 49". So it looks like I can't choose two different MIDI Ports for the drum pads and the keys.

I made two instrument channel strips - one for a piano sound, and one for a drum kit. When I play the keyboard, the sound is coming out but I hear both drums AND piano notes. And when I play the drum pads, they light up on the screen, but there is no sound. For the drum pads, I have tried the "Multitimbral" option, and indicated "USB MIDI Code 49" as the keyboard input and "Channel 10" as the Output MIDI Channel. Still no sounds on my drum pads.

I even tried adding an External Instrument Channel Strip, because it gives you the option to choose "Channel 10" as the MIDI channel, but this also has not worked.

Is there anything I can do to play my drum pads in Mainstage 3? It's the only decent program that I can play live music with, but this issue is a huge roadblock. Please help!
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  • Hello Ally,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Code series can send different parameters to different channels and based on your post, it sounds like it is doing that. You can easily test how your controller is sending MIDI data with MIDI monitoring software:

    For testing on Mac:
    snoize: MIDI Monitor

    The Code will send MIDI data dependent on how you have configured it to do so. All configuration for MIDI parameters within Mainstage must be done in Mainstage whether you are using a controller or external MIDI device. The following links will help you do this:

    MainStage 3: Learn a controller assignment

    MainStage 3: Use external MIDI instruments in MainStage

    If you are still having trouble triggering Mainstage properly, I would recommend reaching out to Apple for software support.

    I hope this helps you!
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