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I’m frustrated

Code 49 not seen by Mac osx 10.15.2

I decided to get back into music and got all my DAWs and plugins up to date and turned on Logic Pro X to see that its no longer able to see the code 49. I ran through the instructions to re-add it to Logic Pro X, not the issue. Ran through the instructions to troubleshoot midi controllers and see that the drivers aren't visible anymore. I removed all the drivers as explained in the docs from m audio in order to have the system redownload them, but it hasn't done that.

Your page regarding 10.15 says to come back soon to see if its supported, but it doesn't look like thats been updated in months.

What do I need to do to get this working? Is this product still being supported? If so why isn't there any firmware updates or instructions related to this product being updated at all?
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  • Hey Mark,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. While the Code isn't officially supported on Catalina, it is a class compliant controller and should operate off of your system's core MIDI drivers regardless of the version. The unit doesn't have any drivers for the macOS.

    When you mentioned that you removed drivers, what software are you referring to?

    I would recommend taking a look at this troubleshooting guide to refresh the USB ports:

    Troubleshooting Class Compliant USB Devices

    Additionally, I suggest creating a new MIDI configuration in your Mac's MIDI Studio. This guide will walk you through the process:

    Set up MIDI devices using Audio MIDI Setup on Mac

    Try this and let me know how it goes!
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