Code 49 & Windows10 64bits - Can't retrieve presets from device

I try to edit my Code 49 presets with the Preset Editor.
Although I can send presets to my Code 49 the retrieving of presets out of it doesn't work. It doesn't matter wether I try to retrieve a preset or the actual RAM setting.
At the end of the transmission of the data I have the message "The firmware version of your device is not compatible with this version of the préset Editor. Visit http ...".

I have updated the firmware with the file "Install M-Audio CODE49 FirmwareUpdater 1.2.3" uploaded on the site.
I have installed the Preset Editor with the file "Install M-Audio Code 49 Preset Editor 1.0.6" uploaded on the site.
I have always the problem.

Thank for help.
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