CODE 61: Two Keys in Keybed Have No Velocity Sensitivity

I just bought the Code 61 and after playing around with it for about an hour I'm already liking it, aside from a problem that I've found: Two keys, next to each other, right about in the middle of the keybed, have no velocity sensitivity. All of the other keys respond very well to soft and firm playing, aside from these two, which both have to be struck firmly to produce any sound - of which, is the same volume regardless of the amount of pressure applied. I'm hoping there is some sort of fix for this. The problem doesn't make the keyboard unplayable, but the lack of control in these two keys can make playing it little frustrating.
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  • Hi Isaac,

    Thanks for posting!

    Start by factory resetting the keyboard: Hold down both Pad Octave buttons while powering on the keyboard.

    Please make sure to test the velocity response with a MIDI Monitor:

    Using a MIDI Monitor to test your device

    At least make sure to test with a different DAW as well.

    Let me know how this goes!
    • Hello, thanks for the reply and the help! Unfortunately, I'm continuing to run into more and more problems.

      As for the initial issue: I did a factory reset and made sure that all possible updates from M-Audio were installed. I did a MIDI monitor test, and, according to the results, the controller is not registering that the two troublesome keys are being pressed unless you apply much more pressure than you should need to in comparison to the rest of the keys.
      I did discover that if I press very firmly on the two malfunctioning keys, they become almost as responsive as they are supposed to be, but this is only ever a temporary fix; after a few minutes without use, the sensitivity is lost again. I am going to assume this means that there is a problem with the hardware involved in the velocity sensors under the keybed.

      Now, on to more issues I'm noticing as I attempt to learn how to map/use the keyboard in Mainstage 3. I am not sure if these issues are coming from malfunctions in the controller itself, or if it is my lack of knowledge on MIDI. This is the first time I'm really getting into this aspect of music. I'm hoping I simply don't know what I'm doing, but these are issues that others seem to have had, as well, and their suggestions and solutions don't seem to have been any help at this point.

      Issue number ONE: When attempting to map in Mainstage 3, there are two sliders on the Code that are linked together (F8 also controls F3). I noticed that another person having this issue said that "MIDI out" was automatically turned off from the start, and that this had something to do with mapping troubles, and so I turned it on as it was suggested. This did not seem to change any of the problems I am facing.

      Issue number TWO: The buttons below the sliders (B's 1 through 9) don't seem to act as on/off switches, but rather buttons that toggle through what I think are three or four different "modes" or "options," making it impossible to use them as mute buttons for their respective sliders. I've tried changing their "type" but that doesn't seem to make any difference in how they act. Each time the button is pressed, it seems to toggle through a sequence I can only describe as "muting" and then "un-muting and resetting to middle-volume," and then another apparent mute in which Mainstage says that nothing is actually muted, but the controller produces no sound, and then back to where it was from the beginning. It also seems that if a slider is moved on the controller while it is muted, when it is once again unmuted, the volume resets back to middle volume within Mainstage, and sometimes this also causes sound to no longer come through at all.

      Issue number THREE: The faders can't seem to increase or decrease properly (or smoothly, to maybe put it better) while the keyboard is producing sound. As you try to bring the volume up or down, the sound cuts in and out, rapidly, and harshly, and, at points in the slider's progression up or down, the sounds cuts out all together and does not return. This makes attempting to fade a sound in or out live (or even during a recording, I suppose) impossible because it sounds like garbage/can cause you to lose sound all together.

      Something to note: I have tried mapping with different settings on the controller itself: HY-LOG, LM-LOG, and, what seems to be the default, GNMIDI. I have to be honest, aside from my understanding that the two LOGs having correlation with Logic Pro, I don't know the difference between these settings, or if any of them are even close to what I should be trying to use for mapping and using in Mainstage. I have attempted to search for the description of these various settings online and within the CODE handbook and have come up with little to no information that has made any of it make any sense to me - but I am very eager to understand and learn.

      Something else to note: When I'm assigning things to the controller, it seems to be automatically choosing what looks like very specific and unrelated properties for each button or slider. For example, Slider F1's number has been assigned "70 Sound Variation" Slider F2 says "75 Decay Time," and Slider F3 says "74 Brightness." I obviously know that these are effects, but I have already assigned these sliders as volume controls for various channels within mainstage, and I do not understand why it has categorized them as what seem to be pre-assigned adjustment controls for various effects.

      Once again, I am very much hoping that these are all issues that have risen from my inexperience with MIDI controllers (perhaps, like I said, I am using the wrong MIDI setting, or something of the sort), but it seems that even the basic aspects of how the controller is meant to work are just not functioning properly. It may prove difficult for me to know how to resolve these issues quickly, but I want to know if I'm simply doing things wrong, or if this keyboard is a dud, before I've had the controller so long that it cannot be replaced or returned if need be.
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  • Isaac,

    Regardless of all everything mentioned in your post, it appears there is a hardware problem with the keyboard. Please contact our support team for support on this. ere are a couple of options that you could choose from:

    • Submit a Warranty or Service Inquiry with our Technical Support team by logging onto the M-Audio Support Page. Select Warranty or Service Inquiry from the drop down menu. This will not require a support code.


    • For faster support, call or email your nearest Support Office or International Distributor. Select your country to find the nearest office.

    Everything else you mention in your post is normal, though you'll need to take some time to better understand the functions of the keyboard and likely even more time to learn the ins and outs of mapping a controller in Mainstage. I will not be able to assist with any mapping in Mainstage though I'm sure that Apple support can.

    Before looking further download and install the latest firmware update for your Code so that you can utilize the editing software:

    Code Series - Firmware Update 1.2.2

    Code Series - Editor

    1) It sounds like the faders are either set to the same CC value or Mainstage is busing them to the same function. You can use the editor to change the CC assignment for one of the faders or simply try a different preset

    2) Depending on the preset, the buttons may cycle through several different CC values instead of acting as just a simple on/off. That's just a feature on the keyboard. Again, use the editor to change this (change the to CC Absolute instead of CC cycle).

    3) Considering the problems already appearing in Mainstage with mapping, this seems like it may be connected.

    With all of these questions, please contact our support team as recommended above to speak with someone directly.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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