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Code 61 x/y pad stuck notes with latest firmware?

I recently purchased an ex-display Code 61, but found I was getting stuck notes when using the x/y pad over midi. It seemed to be okay over usb, so I assumed it was a hardware fault and returned the unit to the retailer.
The shop happened to have a brand new unit in stock, so briefly tried it out and couldn't reproduce the problem on the new one. Double checked the ex-demo unit whilst I was there and there was still a problem, so exchanged the ex-demo for the new controller (at a small additional cost)

Got back to the studio and found it was on an earlier firmware so couldn't use VIP and latest Preset Editor, so upgraded firmware to using the v1.2.3 firmware updater. The issue with stuck notes when using the x/y pad over midi then reappeared.
Is this an known issue with the firmware and is there a fix? It doesn't appear to be possible to rollback the firmware.

I've not found any mention of this particular problem on the forum, so wondering if it might be a hardware issue as well? (serial numbers for both units appear to be within 50 of each other - so conceivably a batch quality issue)
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